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A complete range of products for automation

3D Design

A custom design service.


We produce a range of standard industrial enclosures for electrical and electronic equipments: cabinets, cases, consoles, racks, industrial pc cases. We are also able to offer you customized products, based and integrated on your needs, to provide you a professional results.

Over the years we have supply hundreds of customers operating in the electrical and automation sector, where there are electromechanical, electronic and data communication applications.

Standard enclosures


We have a full range of standard products. You can see features, measurements, 3D, …

Custom enclosures


Design and realization based on your specifications. Browse the gallery to see a lot of custom productions we have made.

Technical office

Specialized technical office

Thanks to our technical office we are able to provide a total customization of all products, even in the smallest details.


Request by Phone

Talk directly with our technical staff: you can explain your needs, get instant information and answers.

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Cosmo System Box

Cosmo System Box is a company that since 1992 designs and manufactures special metal constructions : cabinets , cases, consoles , various processes . The products are aimed to companies operating in electrical and automation field, where there are electromechanical , electronic and data communication applications.


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Standard or custom products

We have a standard range of products. We are able to provide total customization of all products, even in the smallest detail, well integrated with the workings of the customer.

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Certificated italian quality

The Cosmo Box System products are tested and certified : high Italian quality guarantee, reliability and high performances.


CatalogoThe catalog Cosmo Box System in PDF format: the entire range of products in dimensions, accessories, options and everything you need to choose the right product for you.


NovitaSee what’s new in the section: new products, custom working and more on Cosmo System Box World.

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