Our new PC cabinet is born from the C.R.A modular frame and twenty-year experience of our design department. Combining these two important factors has allowed our company to develop a fully configurable product, robust and customizable product.
Thanks to special accessories range, this PC cabinet is available in various configurations.
It is fully made in Italy and it is IP55 certificate.

C.R.A. 600 PC

C.R.A. 600 Computer Enclosure
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Technical features

What it is for

  • PC and communications data instrument cabinet: pc/server/rack…


  • Metal sheet FE P12 MA, first choice UNI EN 10130
  • Thickness: 1,5mm on structure, reinforcements and doors
  • Thickness: 1,5mm on back panel
  • Interior fittings 25/10 thick in galvanized steel sheet
  • M14 screws, nuts and eyebolts are always included
  • Earth points PEM M6x16 are on panels and doors

Mechanical process

  • MIG welded joints
  • Check of welds and burrs by corners and edges
  • Welded door reinforcement
  • Assembly is always included, also array configuration
  • High quality accessories and spare parts available all over the world
  • Embossed and smooth thermosetting powder coating
  • Available all kind of Ral paints
  • Double color paints on request

Good to know

  • 180 degrees hinges
  • Upper door with Lexan: 3mm thickness + locks
  • Lower smooth door with lock
  • Back smooth door with lock
  • 2 shelves, article: 0101 C.R.A. Pc fixed shelves
  • Drawer, article 0103 Pc kit extractable drawer
  • Basement, article 0100 pc modular base
  • IP protection: 55
  • Certification
  • According to NEMA 12 rules
  • 50mm grid on all the inner surface
  • Right/left fully door reversibility
  • Multiple uses: electrical/pneumatic, electrical/hydraulic, adaptable accessories and rack frame
  • For example: C.R.A. 800-H1800xB800xP500 about 150 kg

Our cabinet will be delivered “turnkey”, it means assembled and packed, ready to use for our final customer.
Thanks to the experience, to the potentiality of our technical department and to the plurality of the accessories available, cabinets are able to be completely customized. We can customized: drilling, internal setting, color; We are able to meet any request.

You can ask us:

Custom dimensions

Colors, drillings, other elements customization

Also available:

With EMC or stainless steel system

Contact us

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Speak directly with our technical team: you can explain your needs and get instant informations.

Standard measurements table C.R.A. 600 PC

Modello Altezza
Area Piastra Porta Piastra di cablaggio Basamento altezza Accessori disponibili
C.R.A. 600 PC 1800 600 600 Alternativa 100/200 Tutti
C.R.A. 600 S.1 PC 1900 600 600 Alternativa 100/200 Tutti
C.R.A. 600 S.2 PC 2000 600 600 Alternativa 100/200 Tutti
C.R.A. 600 S.3 PC 1800 600 800 Alternativa 100/200 Tutti
C.R.A. 600 S.4 PC 1900 600 800 Alternativa 100/200 Tutti
C.R.A. 600 S.5 PC 2000 600 800 Alternativa 100/200 Tutti

Enclosure accessories


H100ART. 0100 
H200ART. 0200


Fixed shelf

Fixed shelfArt. 0101

Multi combination link bridge piece

Multi combination link bridge pieceArt. 0102

Extractable drawer kit

Extractable drawer kitArt. 0103


Wiring plate system

Wiring plate systemArt. 0104

Rack 18 unit system

Rack 18 unit systemArt. 0105

Monitor bracket

Monitor bracketArt. 0106


Printer trolley

Printer trolleyArt. 0107

Extractable shelf

Extractable shelfArt. 0108

Cable holder shelf and pc support

Cable holder shelf and pc supportArt. 0109