After years of experience in the field, Cosmo Box System options include modular console systems, fully customizable.
Cosmo System Box, respecting the construction standards relating to IP certifications, is able to realize every console dimension requires. We produce console system able to allow monitor up to 60”, wide up to 1600mm and hight up to 2000mm. Thanks to the efficiency and experience of our technical department, we can offer a personalized project who meet the customer satisfaction.


C.R.A. PLK Modular Console
Rotation: mouse left button + mouse – Zoom: mouse wheel
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Technical features

What it is for

  • Customizable console
  • Used in industrial, aerospace and shipbuilding field
  • Available in modular/array configuration


  • Metal sheet FE P12 MA, first choice UNI EN 10130
  • Thickness: 1,5mm total body
  • Inner plate 25/10 thick in galvanized sheet
  • Interior fittings 25/10 thick in galvanized sheet
  • Screws, bolts always included
  • Earth points PEM M6x16 are on panels and doors

Mechanical process

  • MIG welded joints
  • Check of welds and burrs by corners and edges
  • Welded door reinforcement
  • High quality accessories and spare parts available all over the world
  • Embossed and smooth thermosetting powder coating
  • Available all kind of Ral paints
  • Double color paints on request

Good to know

  • 120 and/or 180 degrees hinges
  • Wiring plate
  • IP protection: 55
  • Certification
  • Door lock
  • Door opening: flap on choice
  • Variable inclinations
  • Doors are reversable
  • Door’s drilling, door’ s flap and side door are customizable
  • Multiple uses: electrical/pneumatic, electrical/hydraulic, accessories and rack frame are adaptable
  • Available in array configuration

Our consoles will be delivered “turnkey”, it means assembled and packed, ready to use for our final customer.
Thanks to the experience, to the potentiality of our technical department and to the plurality of the accessories available, consoles are able to be completely customized. We can customized: drilling, internal setting, color; We are able to meet any request.

You can ask us:

Custom dimensions

Colors, drillings, other elements customization

Also available:

With EMC or stainless steel system

Contact us

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Speak directly with our technical team: you can explain your needs and get instant informations.

Console accessories


Chiave uguale 333/1242/455
Chiave uguale 333/1242/455

Art. 17/7


Art. 17/5

3 mm Standard Cosmo
5 mm Request

Quadro maschio
Quadro maschio

Art. 17/3

From 6 mm to 10 mm.


Art. 17/6

Esagono femmina o maschio
Esagono femmina o maschioArt. 17/1

From 6 mm to 10 mm.

Quadro femmina o maschio
Quadro femmina o maschio

Art. 17/8

From 6 mm to 10 mm.

Triangolo femmina o maschio
Triangolo femmina o maschio

Art. 17/2

From 6 mm to 10 mm

FiatArt. 17/4
Hinge 180°
Hinge 180
Hinge 120°
Hinge 120


B.S.M H100
B.S.M H100ART. BSM H100